Tuesday, June 12, 2012

entering the business world

The business world can be a frightening place.  I recently received my first real job, and by real I mean finally a job that does not require me to cook food or hang clothes.  It is with an energy company in a downtown office setting, and needless to say, it has been one crazy experience.  Here’s what I would offer as tips that I have picked up in my first few weeks of surviving the business world.  First, be confident.  Don’t get down on yourself or think you are incapable.  But also, don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.  You can’t learn anything by guessing, so ask questions.  And as my supervisor told me, there are no hard questions, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look for the answers.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best Things You Need to Know About Cheesecake

     One of the most well-loved and delicious desserts is cheesecake. It is a creamy cake that is made of sugar, milk, eggs and flour. Milk and cheese are the ingredients that make it very tasty and creamy. This is the reason why lots of people from all over the world love this dessert after any meal. Today, there are many flavors added to the original recipe giving it several twists that every taste bud likes.
You can find its recipes ready almost anywhere. There are various options available for all types of people. There are those who cannot eat sweet desserts. Hence, there are sugar free options available for these health conscious people. This recipe is beneficial to diabetic people because it makes them enjoy this wonderful dessert without having feel deprived of something delicious. Of course, this dessert should be eaten with moderation because any excessive amount of them can be harmful.
There are classic ones that most people love. They are just the same with the regular ones that are made up of sugar, milk, eggs, butter and cheese. The only difference of classic cheesecake from other flavor is that it uses graham crackers and a filling that is combined with lemon juice; lemon fruit and vanilla extract. These flavors make the classic ones distinct from the others. This is one of the best desserts that you can serve to your guest right after having a meal.
Business people always include this dessert to their business. There are many bakeshops that made this cake visible in their stores. These cakes are sold at a reasonable and affordable price. Restaurants and hotels serve this cake and put them in the dessert menu. They are the best sellers for desserts. The demand for these cakes continues to increase because of the availability of varieties and flavors to choose from.
     Homemade cheesecake is still the best to choose and lots of establishments serve it. You will be more satisfied if you bake the cake at home than purchasing one from a local bakery. Baking the cake on your own will be able to adjust the measurements of the ingredients. This is necessary particularly if you prefer the recipe to be creamier and tastier than the original recipe. You will be satisfied with the cake that you bake for yourself. This cake can make your bond with your family because it can be a sign of your love for them.