Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some good old-fashioned apple pie for Thanksgiving

Guest post written by Megan Hale

There are just certain things that you have to serve or it just wouldn't really feel like Thanksgiving. One of those is definitely turkey and another is pumpkin pie. But I personally like to add apple pie to that. There are just so many great flavors, especially when it comes to dessert, that taste like the holiday to me.

I'm not above experimenting with some fun dishes on the holiday too. But there are definitely a few things that I just have to have the good old-fashioned way. Apple pie is one of them. I like to look up recipes for other things online with our Clear. Who needs a cookbook when you have the internet anyway?

i really love me some homemade apple pie and I don't think that anyone who knows me would say anything differently. Even in the years past when IÕve gone to other peopleÕs Thanksgiving meals, IÕve had to check beforehand that they had apple pie. If not, it was something that IÕve supplied so that I can enjoy it. I donÕt expect everyone to understand my love for it, but people seem to respect it.

College living

Being in college now, most of my friends live in dorms. I share my room with two other roommates. It is small, and sometimes we get into each others way. Many people in my dorm have talked about moving out and renting an apartment or house. It is more expensive, but if you can get others to join you and split the rent, it really isn't that bad. The tricky part is finding the right place. The other part is finding the right roommates. I have discovered that living with anyone, no matter how close you are, can eventually annoy you. So you should pick easy to get along with people to room with you.